Be part of a Revolution! ;)

Our (and your) Revolution in some words 🙂

We worked for many years in classic travel industry and we know well how it works.

For every existing level between you (a traveler, for example, from the USA) and the service agency who materially makes possible your travel in the destination country (for example: India), there is an additional cost to pay (and you will pay it).

More levels -> More costs -> You pay extra costs 🙁

Often, between you and local tour operators, there are many levels:

  • Big Tour Operators of the destination country; (It will add you costs 🙂 )
  • Multinational Tour Operators (it will add you costs 🙂 )
  • Big Tour Operators of the country you live (it will add you costs 🙂 )
  • Travel Agencies (it will add you costs 🙂 )
  • Travel Agents (Doubts not: it will add you costs 🙂 )

The logic is “dog eats dog”, the bigger eats the more little. We didn’t discover nothing! 😉 Everybody knows it.

Remember: every level will add costs (but it is normal, every intermediation job must be payed), but finally you will pay it 🙂

More levels -> More costs -> You pay extra costs 🙁

But 🙂 With your help, we can make a REVOLUTION on it.

GIST OF IT :): URKAAA is born exactly for make easier the connection between you and the last level of this circle, WITHOUT INTERMEDIATIONS and you will save till 40% for your travel.

In this way, there will be also an important social aspect because local Tour Operators in the destination country:

  • Can offer the fair price to you, without being “strangled” by the multinationals.
  • Can pay their workers with a fair wage
  • Can grow up their revenue and participate to local improvement and growing businesses.

For that reasons, using URKAAA, we promote easier and direct connections between you (traveler) and local Tour Operators.

In this way, excluding many levels, you will save till 40% (it depends from case to case) and you will have the same quality of your travel.

Are you a TRAVELER?

Trought URKAAA, without intermediations, you can:

  • Contact directly local Tour Operators all over the world and save till 40%
  • Have the best quality of services
  • Find other travelers and share costs with them
  • Make new experiences and enjoy the world!

Are you a local Tour Operator / Agency?

With URKAAA you will have:

  • Your public page with all information to contact you
  • Your personal shop where promote your products
  • Reserved area where you can see and update your catalog
  • A special tool to write posts and generate more traffic to your page
  • Social marketing helps and much more!

C’mon! Be part of a Revolution!

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