The Rio Carnival: the most famous party in the world

The Rio Carnival is undoubtedly the most famous party in the world and the most coveted event in the South American social calendar. Of all the cultural festivities, anywhere on the continent, this is the one that attracts the most visitors from all over the world. With its roots in 1000 CE Italy, the carnival is typically held in February (just before Lent in the Christian calendar) and this South American version is related to other world-famous carnivals like the one held in Venice, Italy. Although celebrations are held in other South American nations, such as Bolivia, Peru, Argentina and Uruguay, the Rio Carnival is by far the largest, with almost two million people participating every day for the last four days of the two-week event. Nowadays, the Rio Carnival is the most anticipated dance-off of the year, with about 200 samba schools in the city competing for first place. Parties brimming with hypnotic music, unbelievable dancing, flamboyant floats, outlandish costumes, fantastic food and non-stop festivities are held all over the Brazilian city, culminating in the Sambadrome on the last, no-holds-barred night.

Rio de Janeiro is an incredibly exciting city to visit at any time, but coinciding your Brazil adventure trip with a few nights of unforgettable partying in Rio, on a Rio Carnival Package, is a once-in-a-lifetime South America cultural experience. One which you may or may not remember, depending on your cerveza consumption.

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